These unique board games are designed to be both exciting and educational. They are not knowledge based. They are not the boring roll a die, take a turn, and then answer a question type of game. Rather, these Biblically based board games are both intense and interactive. They are thoroughly researched and team play-tested. As such, they have a high degree of replayability. Enjoy a fun and quick paced experience.


These high quality historical simulations are designed from a Judeo-Christian world view. Are you ready to have both your courage and your mind tested? May the spirit of Joshua come upon you, and like Joshua, may one of your troops put to flight one thousand of the enemy. Remember good sportsmanship in the heat of battle. Consider your opponent better than yourself. We hope you have as much good clean fun playing these excellent board games as we did in creating them.
Proudly conceived, designed, play-tested, and manufactured here in the USA.