3rd Megiddo: Titus vs John & Simon

3rd Megiddo: Titus vs John & Simon

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After massing the V, X, XII, and XV Legions; as well as auxiliaries throughout the entire Roman World at Megiddo, will you as General Titus then proceed south and successfully siege Jerusalem in AD 70? Will Israeli infighting, starvation, and desertion aid your campaign? Will Battering Rams, Catapults, and Siege Towers be successfully deployed as the walls of Jerusalem crumble? Order the Testudo formations forward!

3rd Megiddo is about an 8 hour classic hex wargame between 2-6 players. 

Will you as John / Simon be able to unite the various Israeli factions? Will the supplies last? Can you tunnel under the earth and destroy the Roman Siege Towers from below? Can you sortie out one of the gates, and catch the Romans off guard? Or will Israel cease to be a nation again for about another 1,800 years? Will your ancestors be forced to once again weep at the Wailing Wall? Employ false walls and garrison Fortresses, Towers, and Walls to prevent this from happening. Send in the Zealots!

Game components include two six sided dice, an eight page rulebook, two 2-sided player aid reference sheets, a 22 x 34 color map board, as well as 400 playing pieces (Hebrews blue, neutral yellow, and Romans red).





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2 reviews for 3rd Megiddo: Titus vs John & Simon

  1. Jesse Obed

    This is a fairly long war game. First time took us 7 hours. Now it only takes about 5 since we are familiar with the rules.
    The Romans must siege Jerusalem and the Temple. The Jews have to stop them. Jews are primarily defensive; but also have a strong timely counter-attack ability. False walls and tunnels serve to keep the Romans guessing. Rome must be patient and use artillery for suppression fire as well as ramps, testudo formations, ladders and the mighty siege towers. How much of your forces do you commit and where? Lots of re-playability as the game is unscripted and any area can be attacked.

  2. Scott Nedza

    Rome must attack. That is what I have learned after playing this game. The Romans player must be aggressive, but not reckless. Both sides of this game are strong, but I slightly favor the Romans. This is not a card driven war game, it is a classic war game. Get ready to roll plenty of dice. Rome has to be methodical. Use testudo, ramps, siege towers, and artillery in a carefully planned coordinated attack. Breakthrough and exploit any openings or weakness on the Jews part. The Jews have some tricks up their sleeve. They have a false wall (double wall) as well as tunneling. Use those two unique defensive benefits wisely. Tunneling is a counter-attack tactic with risks and rewards. Mount a strong defense and avoid Roman artillery if possible. Position your own limited artillery wisely. Then defend as best as you can and hold the line for as long as you can. This is a long game and can take 6+ hours.

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