2nd Megiddo – Josiah vs Necho II

2nd Megiddo – Josiah vs Necho II

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Archers, chariots, infantry, initiative, javelin throwers, slingers, and the Mount of Megiddo itself all play a part. This is a two player non-card driven war game. The Egyptians have to get a portion of their forces, within a time limit, off the opposite map board edge. The Judeans either have to delay them, or inflict sufficient losses on them without losing too many troops themselves. Playing time 2-3 hours. The unique initiative rule helps make this an intense and unpredictable game. It is 2nd Megiddo, King Josiah vs Pharaoh Necho II. Can you change history?

Games Components
One full-color about 11″ x 66″ long game map
1 sheets of 3/4″ double sided hexagonal counters (110 counters) on thick stock
One sheets of 5/8″ double sided square counters (80 counters) on thick stock
One Rule book (with game charts and examples of play)
Two Six Sided dice

Additional information

Map Styles

Thin, Canvas

3 reviews for 2nd Megiddo – Josiah vs Necho II

  1. Brent Robison

    The long map is unusual. The Hebrews have the initiative. The Egyptians are forced to respond to what the Hebrews do. They Egyptians have to march across a long map board and be ready to have their right flank hit, a rear attack, or attack a frontal attack with a Hebrew stand and defend. Exact victory conditions vary (within a range); which gives this game a fog of war feel. King Josiah is also hiding in a chariot (and until the chariot is damaged you don’t know where he is). Game runs about 2-3 hours. The maneuverability and speed of the chariots is engaging. Good fun battling!

  2. Josh Shephard

    Great game. Just right quantity of pieces. Living rules update are a must. Attack! Attack! Attack! This game is simple but highly re-playable as the Hebrews have several attack options available. The Initiative rule and the King Josiah rule add excitement. The Hebrews must employ hte old double-move tactic ala TAHGC Third Reich. That is the key to any possible Hebrew victory.

  3. Blake Watson

    This game got it just right. Hebrews seem to have several different attack options: Fight early, fight middle, or end fight. Can also do a hit and run mixed strategy also. Egyptians have to head towards the board edge, so their initial formation is important. After that, they have to respond / counterattack. Once battles happen it is a free for all. The innovative initiative rule makes the exact counting of losses or hexes impractical. The smaller markers fit perfectly and are useful. The chariot charge rule is dangerous, fast, fun, and furious. Again, the fighting in this game is a free for all! It is a blast. Also like the rule about King Josiah hiding. Counter art is good. Long map board reminds me of AH Africa Korps and The Road to Wiltz from AH Squad Leader.

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