Esther: Queen of Persia

Esther: Queen of Persia

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Esther is a two player 30 minute card driven strategy game wherein one player will end up on the gallows while the other player wins.

  • As Esther, will you rise to become the Queen of Persia? Will you keep your faith hidden?
  • What role will Mordecai play? Will you risk your life and come before the King unbidden to save your people?
  • “But the other Jews that were in the king’s provinces gathered themselves together, and defended their lives, and had rest from their enemies, and killed of their foes seventy and five thousand, but they laid not their hands on the spoil.”
  • (TKB Esther 9:16). Will Ekekiel Chapter 38 once again be fulfilled in Esther 9:16?
  • As Haman, will you rise to become King Ahasuerus’ Chief Advisor? Will you build a gallows to hang your enemies?
  • Will you wipe out those Monotheistic Jews? Or will your plans turn against you, and the holiday of Purim be safely established?

Game Components

  • One full-color 17″ x 22″ game map
  • 1 sheet of 5/8″ double sided round counters (40 counters) on thick stock
  • Eight rectangular mounted double sided Leaders with base
  • One Deck of 54 Game Cards
  • One Rule book (with game charts and example of play)
  • Two Six Sided dice

Additional information

Map Styles

Thin, Canvas

2 reviews for Esther: Queen of Persia

  1. Julie Corn

    Team Esther, which includes Mordaicai, has to outwit that evil Hamon.
    The team must overcome multiple obstacles including even a skirmish
    and an actual battle. This game is heavily card based and requires shrewd
    decision making.

  2. Melody

    This game was very Biblical; maybe even too much.
    Hanging people on the gallows and Hamon trying to
    be like Hitler and kill the Jews was a bit morbid. Still,
    I guess it shows the risks Esther went to to save her
    people and why Purim is a Jewish Holiday today. A
    little dark for my tastes but a suspenseful simulation.

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