Refidim: Hebrews vs Amalek

Refidim: Hebrews vs Amalek

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Refidim is a classic 2-player 2-3 hour hex wargame supplemented by a small tactical card deck. The Hebrews led by Joshua must capture the Wells of Wadi Faran on their way to the Promised Land & the Amaleks under Meklon must stop them.

Game Components:

2 Dice

4 Page Rule Book

18 Card Deck

200 playing pieces

22 x 34 map



Additional information

Map Styles

Thin, Canvas

2 reviews for Refidim: Hebrews vs Amalek

  1. Josh Shephard

    So the Hebrews have to capture the wells of Wadi Fada and the Amelakites have to stop them. Sort of an infantry slugfest with the use of some tactical cards to add flavor and variety. This game has some similarities to First Megiddo minus the weather. Historically Moses has crossed the Red Sea and the Hebrews are in route to the Promised Land.

  2. Jester

    This is a straightforward infantry slugfest. The Amelakites have to hold the watering holes and the Hebrews have to capture them. Tactical cards tend to spice the game up. Joshua fights while Aaron and Hur (Exodus 17) can hold Moses arms/hands up for a Hebrew bonus; nice tough!

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