1st Megiddo – Sisera v Deborah

1st Megiddo – Sisera v Deborah

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Archers, chariots, infantry, initiative, slingers, mountains, & especially weather all play a part. This is a two or three player non-card driven war game. Playing time is about 2 hours. The unique initiative & weather rules make this an intense & unpredictable game. This is 1st Megiddo, Sisera vs Deborah. Will you do better or worse than your historical counter part?

Game Components

  • One full-color 22″ x 34″map
  • 190 counters
  • 18 tactical cards
  • Rule book
  • Two Six Sided dice

Additional information

Map Styles

Thin, Canvas

2 reviews for 1st Megiddo – Sisera v Deborah

  1. Pete

    Enjoy this game. It is a fairly simple hex wargame with projectile rules and swift chariots. The Hebrews Tribes can not stand against the Canaanite Chariots in the open field. Fighting is fierce and simple. Nice initiative rule provides an element of uncertainty as one can not just count losses and then sit back and be smug. Rain and mud help the Hebrews immensely. Fun little counter of Jael cutting the head off of Sisera (if that even happens) is included. Basically, Hebrews hide in the hills until mud comes and then fight like mad.

  2. Jester

    This game is straightforward. Canaanite Chariots are much stronger than Hebrew Infantry. Hebrews must hide in the Hills until help arrives in the form of mud and/or rain. With the weather on their side the Hebrews must then abandon the Hills and come down into the Valley and fight the Canaanites. A couple of well thought out rules keeps uncertainty and enjoyability high.

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