King David

King David

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King David is a 2-5 player diplomatic-economic-wargame wherein battles, cards, cities, diplomacy & harvests are all  important keys to victory.

Will David once again defeat the six-fingered giant? As Saul kills his thousands, will David kill his thousands upon thousands? Will Jonathan become your best friend? Will you marry Michal? Will you capture Jerusalem? Will you bring the Ark into the Holy City? Will you defeat the Philistines, Moab, Edom, and Ammon? Will you once again form an alliance with the King of Tyre? What role will your mighty men play?

As the Philistines will you defeat the armies of Israel? Will David become complacent in his old age? Will Israel be weakened if disunity occurs between Joab and David? Will Bathsheba be David’s downfall? Will righteous Urriah be sacrificed? Will the Arameans ocnce again come to the aid of Hanun of Ammon? What will happen to Shimei and Mephibosheth?

Game Components

6 dice (2 d6 / 2 d8 / 2 d10)

8 page rule book

54 card tactical deck

22 x 34 map

400 pieces



Additional information

Map Styles

Thin, Canvas

1 review for King David

  1. Pete

    Like the different various phases. Keeps the game fresh and the combat style is unique. I sincerely believe that an area style map would work better than a hex map with this game though. It is a bit tedious counting hexes and an area map could make the game a bit faster and smoother. Still, overall this is a fast, hard hitting, and surprising game.

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